SU Fandom: Thank God we kept the Bronies out of our fandom. Can you imagine how toxic they would’ve made it?

SU Fandom: *bashes fanartists if they don’t draw characters to their specifications in every single piece of art they produce*

SU Fandom: *tries to prevent skinny cosplayers from cosplaying as Rose Quartz*

SU Fandom: *erases the worst aspects of Jasper’s personality in order to ship her with Peridot and Lapis, despite Malachite proving the latter highly abusive*

SU Fandom: *draws Lapis as buddies with Peridot and Jasper despite how obviously she hates them and wants to be away from them in canon*

SU Fandom: *bashes Say Uncle and tries to find anything and everything problematic with the episode and Uncle Grandpa itself, ignoring the fact that the episode was basically 100% self aware and calling the SU fandom out for their bs*

SU Fandom: *loves every fat character except Greg, who they accuse of being abad father to Steven until they see the younger, thinner, cuter version of him, who they immediately start adoring*

SU Fandom: *makes posts attempting to discourage men as a whole from getting into the show/relating to it, because it’s for ‘women and nb folks only’ while at the same time tried to erase the fact that Ruby and Sapphire were female-presenting nonbinary lesbians*

SU Fandom: *is slowly turning toxic and gross without help from any bronies*

SU Fandom: So glad we tag our porn under something kids can’t find! After all, this is still a kids’ show, and we need to set good examples for kids 🙂