and the weird elitist attitude that goes with it is so funny to me.  Yall shaming others for playing a popular race as if YOU playing a less popular race automatically makes your character better or makes you a better RPer lmao

Listen it’s great to evolve your characters and their stories, it’s a natural and necessary process, but don’t do it just to impress others. 

Don’t change things just to be “popular” or fit in with whatever crowd.

When you do that, you end up with a character or a story that isn’t really yours and doesn’t make you happy.  It’s your time, your effort.. if YOU don’t love what you’re making, what’s the point of making it?

So yeah I hate this shitty attitude in the community that you HAVE to impress everyone, and if you indulge yourself even a little bit some elitist nobody might judge you UNORIGINAL (gasp!!) lol.  

I know a lot of yall are younger, maybe you’re not so confident in yourselves yet, but listen to this old crustacean: what makes YOU happy is WAY more important than what makes THEM happy.  Those kinda people? You’ll never impress them – they don’t want to be impressed, they want to be in control.  Spend your time making yourself happy and loving what YOU make instead.  Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to change things, but always do it for yourself first and foremost.