Honest Posters of Our Relationship with Technology

Designer Ajit Johnson, living in England, has imagined a series of posters called “#This_Generation”. With honesty, the posters show anecdotes linked to our daily relationship with technology and social networks.


“Can’t work a computer to it’s full potential or send an email, proceeds to ask someone a 1/3 to ½ their age for help.” #LastGeneration

“Can’t accept the fact that meaningful relationships can be made online, struggles to respect and accept said relationships.” #LastGeneration

“Has drained and abused the Earth for it’s resources, and believes that a young person would choose internet over survival. Expects us to survive and solve the problems they have created.“ #LastGeneration

“Does not understand that phones are meant for communication, also does not understand that the average semester lasts 4 months.” #LastGeneration

“Refuses to give proper sex education, shames the younger generation for not knowing.” #Last Generation

“Does not understand how social media works and that not deleting/avoiding your recent ex online is just as bad as seeing them every day.” #LastGeneration

“Also texts and drives, pretends that they are not responsible for any accidents caused by their idiot mistakes.” #LastGeneration

“Shames teenagers for taking photos of themselves that make them feel positive about their physical image, probably can’t work the camera themselves.]” #LastGeneation

“Believes that a person’s way of texting with people they are comfortable with is a sign of their intelligence level, texts just as bad, if not worse.” #LastGeneration

“Believes our generation are internet druggies, does not even acknowledge our reasons for being online, or what we do online.” #LastGeneration

“Has caused wars, economic failures, environmental disasters, perpetuated hate based on gender/race/sexuality/religion [or lack of]/and more, pretends that the younger generation is the problem.”  #LastGeneration

Whoop there it is