a sketch of duo and quatre.  8I  They’re having a deep discussion about the heavens and earth or something.

edit: okay nerd time

this pic was originally inspired by the School of Athens by raphael, in which Plato and Aristotle debate philosophy.  Plato favouring the idea that the only reality is the what we feel and think and Aristotle believing that our sense of the physical realm is what defines reality.  The joke of the painting was that both philosophers could be said to supposed to the exact opposite argument.  I thought it might be fun to have Duo, an extreme skeptic who understood disparity of class and constantly doubted and questioned the existence of higher powers, arguing that god exists and is the God of Death… while Quatre, an empathetic pacifist and Newtype who grew up in a comfortably rich lifestyle argues that there is no god and people are in control of their own destiny.  An assassin who hates war and a pacifist who leads battles could have many a good discussion on gods and humans.

i dunno i know i’m giving this series way too much credit at this point but oh the possibilities could have been great.