here is an actual tmi tuesday thing I guess: on both Feiyn and Ro, what does Tev find most physically and mentally attractive about them

You literally answered your own question in skype:
[3/31/15, 12:26:01 PM] ICY: the answer will probably be like
[3/31/15, 12:26:04 PM] ICY: “they kill people”
[3/31/15, 12:28:13 PM] Tevruden: Tev
[3/31/15, 12:28:19 PM] Tevruden: has a few priorities in life
[3/31/15, 12:28:47 PM] Tevruden: killing dudes comes out far ahead of the rest of them.

Tev likes that they’re not opposed to murdering dudes, they can keep up w/ him, they’re decent in combat and they don’t mind rubbing his ears.

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