sex-positive asexuals are people who are willing to have sex.

sex-repulsed asexuals are people who want nothing to do with sex.

sex-neutral asexuals are people who are indifferent about sex.

all types of asexuals do not experience sexual attraction, but that does not define their sex life, nor does it mean their sexuality is invalid.

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*raises hand* I have a question. 

How can an asexual person have sex with someone, if they’re not sexually attracted to them?

An asexual’s body is perfectly functional. It reacts to touch just like anyone else’s, meaning, an asexual will experience physical arousal and likely feel appropriate pleasure from sex when touched in a way that feels good to them personally. Asexuality isn’t the lack of sexual functions, it’s the lack of sexual attraction only, and sex can be present without specific attraction. For example, a sex positive asexual might have a what appears to be a quite active sex life for other reasons than attraction solely; emotional bonding, physical pleasure, relaxation and fun are just some reasons to like sex, even with the “kicker” being gone from the act.

The lack of sexual attraction doesn’t automatically mean a partner is undesirable to an ace – it just means they aren’t specifically attractive in that certain way. Other motivations may take over, or they may not.

Wow, thank you for this! Posts like these are really helping me to understand asexuality a lot more, and I am super appreciative of that.