Jaina Proudmore: I’m sorry. What? Thrall and me? Ugh, who keeps spreading that filthy rumor? Besides, everyone knows I prefer blue over green…
Jaina Proudmore: … not to mention the last two men who sought my attention both tried to take over the world. Yeah… I think I’d rather just study.
Arthas: No man can defeat me, although, 10-25 could do the trick.
Muradin Bronzebeard: Och, I was never dead, alright? I was just restin’ me eyes.
Muradin Bronzebeard: Oh no, Blizzard killed your favorite character. Don’t fret! Odds are, they’ll be returning in an expansion or two. Trust me, I know!
Kerrigan: Yeah, I’m still the Queen Bitch of the Universe.
Kerrigan: Are we really supposed to believe that I EVOLVED high heels?
Nova: You ever hear about the- [Man’s voice: This joke has been indefinitely postponed.]
Illidan Stormrage: I hate to admit it, but you were… kind of prepared.
Uther Lightbringer: Back in my day, there was only one type of paladin, and we were glad to have ’em!
Uther Lightbringer: And we could only level to 10! What are you? Level 100? More? Ugh, kids these days.
Tyrande Whisperwind: You know, when women ran things here in Kalimdor, we experienced an era of peace. Then the men woke up, and now we face a new war every other year!
Thrall: Huh? Oh, that’s right. We’re doing the “joke thing”. Sorry, it’s been a while.
Thrall: Ah, I miss real-time strategy.
Thrall: The isometric perspective, the epic, large-scale battles!
Thrall: Can’t say I miss all this poking, though.
Thrall: After a couple Heroes of the Storm expansions, Blizzard replaces me with Garrosh.
Thrall: Wait, what? What do you mean there’s lore in this game? You guys actually paid somebody to write a story about Raynor meeting Diablo? Isn’t this exactly what fan fiction is for? Ugh, I didn’t approve any of this.