“S-so there’s this thing coming up in April like it’s a wedding, with dresses and fancy shit and people dancing and stuff and I’ve never been to one. My brother got all married up when I was a kid and I barely remember it and Caellis thinks it’d be good for me to … socialise and … dance whatever. A-a-a-anyway I… I wouldn’t mind going t-to it and I don’t have anyone to g-g-g-go with me and Jhajima is busy s-so she can’t keep an eye on me just incase y-you know and we’re like f… f… ….f-f-f-f-f-f-friends right? So uh… uh… I mean, you w-wanna go with m-m-me? It’s fine if you don’t. It’s fine. Cause I-I-I totally get it. I could go alone. And u-uh I n-n-need help getting a d… d… … with clothes f-for it. So uh… w-what dya say, Ariel?”

vikingcarrot – she’s learning! However tsundere she is growing into being since ‘waking up’ this is her first time properly asking a guy to do anything with her, blesssssss!