[6:29:40 AM] Tevruden: Also if Ro is perma-dead
[6:29:46 AM] Tevruden: how can he pet all of the cats
[6:29:58 AM] ICY: are you trying to convince me not to kill my character to make you sad
[6:30:04 AM] ICY: by bribing me with cats
[6:30:26 AM] ICY: cause it’s working you ASS

[3/17/15, 12:30:58 PM] Tevruden: I’m just saying that if Ro is dead dead
[3/17/15, 12:31:04 PM] Tevruden: there are a lot of cats he can’t pet
[3/17/15, 12:32:30 PM] ICY: rude