idk I’m pretty sure letting communities know about a sexual predator isn’t cyber bullying sooooooooooooooooo

What the fuck kind of advice is this? Don’t alert communities to creeps because bullying? What next do we start getting rid of alerting neighborhoods to pedophiles because invasion of privacy?

Get out.

What is wrong with people. 

Again, like my earlier post: stop splitting hairs and misdirecting the situation when it comes to his player. Like zerthimon said: it is 2015. This shitlord was causing trouble when he was 17 years old on WrA in 2009-2010. Every time he rears his head, there’s some contingent of forgiving, ignorant dipshits who crow that he’s either “changed” or “there’s jerks everywhere!” or “no one’s innocent here!” or whatever stupid deflective garbage validates their white knight complex. 

If you’re one of those dipshits, you are the enabler of someone who has tormented, harassed, and assaulted men and women on WrA and MG for half a goddamn decade. You’re enabling a racist, narcissistic and fucked up individual. You want to jump in and finger-wag that there’s assholes everywhere, which means you’re content to not only blow off the gross game-crossing history of this particular asshole but to inadvertantly shelter him. 

Fuck off. 

*reaches for kindle* *thumbs through books*  Ah here we go, again.

“Although an abuser prefers to have you wholeheartedly on his side, he will settle contentedly for your decision to take a middle stance.”

“In reality, to remain neutral is to collude with the abusive man, whether or not that is your goal.  If you are aware of chronic or severe mistreatment and do not speak out against it, your silence communicates implicitly that you see nothing unacceptable taking place.  Abusers interpret silence as approval, or at least forgiveness.”

Why Does He DO That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men – Lundy Bancroft

Are you people even serious right now? (meaning the WrASecrets crowd)

Stop. Defending. Him. He deserves literally everything he gets, and yeah, every community has assholes, but that doesn’t mean that said assholes shouldn’t be called out for being assholes and treated like the assholes they are.

Seriously, what is wrong with you people. Ugh.

Anyone ever notice how quickly these secrets blogs are to post the anons defending terrible people?

Perhaps we should think about the reasons behind that for a minute.