(because I didn’t elaborate)

The Five Sex Clause pertains to RPers, not characters. You are allowed to RP sex five times per month. Not per character. In all. Total. It is the sluttiness or prudishness of you as an RPer, not that of your characters, that determines the worth and value of your characters to the RP community.

A character can be said to have had sex 100 times in the next month, but if you only actually RP them having sex five times, then you are a respectable member of the community who does not base all of their character interactions and developments on sex. Likewise you can say your character is asexual but if you RP them having sex five times then you won’t be perceived as a boring RPer that is obviously afraid of admitting that adult characters have sexual desires and exploring such themes or thinks their characters are better and more complexly developed because they aren’t constantly having sex.