You know I haven’t been to Ashran since the first two weeks of the expansion, and I thought it was pretty great back then. At least— in theory. It had a lot of bugs and there were a few points in time that Volrath was literally unkillable for us so it caused a lot of stagnant farming but I kind of enjoyed the large-scale battles and clashes that resulted. When they did finally fix him, he gave shitloads of honor and I was able to get myself ready for heroics almost instantly.

But, this was before they required you to join a group to go in (before, you could just run in). This was before they nerfed the rewards you got. This was before they “adjusted” everything. I’ve not been to it since, but I hear it’s miserable, and I feel like tevruden would be happy to weigh in why it’s so bad because I don’t think anybody I know can even come close to the amount of Ashran snark he puts out.

I had a long response to this that I keep forgetting to finish so I am just going to link the following video: