Tevruden’s fingers curled into the collar, snug between the tight black leather and his partner’s throat. Ro’liath scowled, glaring daggers up at the larger elf as he was tugged forward, “Th’fuck is this about?” He hissed, teeth gritting slightly at the look in the other’s eye. Ro’liath knew Tevruden had him right where he wanted, and the thought of it had his fingers digging into his palms anxiously.

“Is that the attitude you use with your commanding officer, Frostbane?” His voice echoed in the slighter elf’s ears, ichor creeping to his cheeks. Ro’liath opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came. Tevruden smirked, a mere breath’s apart from him as he spoke once more, “You need to be taught proper protocol.”

I doodled some smooches after tevruden and I discussed what might happen if Tev managed to get a collar on Ro o/

[3/8/15, 7:53:06 PM] Tevruden: puppy boyfriend gets all the smooches