To elaborate: Blackout Day highlighted Black people. It showed that black people come in all shades from all places. Latin@, Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern. There were men there were women, there were genderqueer individuals. There were abled and disabled, proud and hurt people, there was everyone.

It was about Blackness reclaiming its beauty in the face of hurt and slander, about all of us being proud of who we are.

‘Selfie Week’ is a well thought out attempt at giving white people a selfie day by tucking themselves in with other races, because honestly no racially aware white person would advocate a white selfie day when they know good and well that white people are the defacto default acceptable/beautiful person on magazines, in tv, everywhere, and that blackness is seen as unworthy all around the world.

By trying to piggyback directly on BlackoutDay it diminishes the impact of Blackoutday for what it was, and it’s hurtful. It follows a long habit of white people coming up with a way to weaken, disperse and devalue black movements. It’s the selfie version of:

“Black people are beautiful :)”
“Um, don’t you mean ALL people?”

Boycott Selfie Week.

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