warchiefgrommash replied to your post: where’s that post of how toxic tumblr …

its gotten to the point where they had to turn off asks AND submit bc people were submitting gore. this is just so unreal i hate people lmao



Like seriously, at what fucking point do people ever justify sending gore to someone because they misread something at 3am.

This is fucking disgusting, and if anyone who follows me did this, get the fuck out of here right now. I am so fucking heated and disappointed in the people who are doing this.

Nikki is a sweet person, they are creative and their OCs are VERY dear to them, so of course when they misinterpreted at 3am they were probably upset??

And now, look at this. This person, HUMAN BEING with FEELINGS, now is so upset over the things people are saying to them that they don’t even want to get out of bed and have been crying since probably when they woke up.

I want to go give them a hug and show them that not everyone is a disgusting disgrace on humankind.

I’m so, so very livid right now.

This is fucked up, and whoever said those things/sent those things to Nikki is a fucked up individual.