Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area – CA:

New photos of Pumas –  P-19 and her two nearly-grown kittens, P-32 and P-33, feeding on a deer carcass. Kittens normally stay with their mother until they are about one to one and a half years old. One of the siblings, P-34, had
already dispersed and it appears that these kittens may have also left
their mom since the photos were taken in mid-February.

This is
P-19’s second litter and we’ve been tracking all three kittens since
they were four weeks old. Since we started studying these animals in
2002, we have not tracked any male mountain lions that have successfully
dispersed out of the Santa Monica Mountains.  Photos taken via remote
camera on the western end of the Santa Monica Mountains, near the L.A.
and Ventura County line.

–Ranger Kate