• Transgender men 
  • Men with physical disabilities
  • Men with mental illnesses and disorders
  • Men who struggle with suicidal thoughts
  • Men with low self esteem
  • Men who are abuse victims
  • Men who are currently abused
  • Men of marginalized groups

You do not know who is able to see the kind of posts you make against men. And you do not know the kind of impact you can make on the people who see your posts.

Also, reminder that white women definitely shouldn’t be saying “kill all men”, seeing as your ancestors had a hand in killing plenty of men of color.

Funny how its white “grrl power” feminism that started this 

How about no one kills anyone? No one’s life is easy, but LGBT*/MOGAI people they are…practically always in danger. Its terrifying to say, but its true. Protect those people at risk, speak up if you see abuse, no matter who is doing the abusing. Someone could die.

you literally missed the point of the entire post