Oooh gosh many things.

They cross out so many items on my list of favorite tropes and concepts! I love undead things, I love “fallen heroes” and antiheroes, I love the imagery of armored knights, I love regular people becoming monsters, I love monsters that aren’t necessarily evil, I love the imagery that usually goes along with dark magic, the list kind of goes on. In Oliver’s case (and a lot of them), there’s also that fun struggle between a life serving the Light and not only no longer being capable, but also being outright hurt by it.

I like them a bit better than Forsaken (though had all my friends been Horde when I first started playing, I’d have definitely started as Forsaken) because there’s so much more to work with in terms of ideas. They can be any race, so each has a unique experience with undeath and how their own culture treats it. The orcs and tauren do not get to join their ancestors and are aberrations of the cycle, night elves go directly against the forces of nature, draenei are cast from the Light and have a lot more in common with the Broken, Goblins… have a lot more time on their hands. 

I mean, I guess nothing is technically stopping anybody from RPing a non-human Forsaken, either, but they’re largely humans and a few elves and anything else is pretty rare and you don’t have that satisfaction of a correct player model.

My DK might be a human, but he had the opportunity the try fitting in with living humans, many of whom rightfully fear him, which is something you don’t get as much with Forsaken RP unless you RP them as an Argent or something.


And haha, I did answer what he thinks of worgen before with a doodle. It’s more or less an accurate summary. They both have that “human transformed into a bloodthirsty monster” thing going on so he can relate to them and certainly doesn’t judge or fear their beast side. Other than that, they’re just regular people. He might be a little bitter about Gilneas walling themselves off for the Third War, but he also knows it wasn’t up to every single citizen and that it spared them a pretty nasty fate. They may be beasts, but they’re alive.