Hey nerds, my WoW time is ending on Friday and I kinda need some clothes that i’m comfortable in. Maybe a binder. So, I’m opening up commissions in a way. 

  • $10 for headshots (Top lineup)
  • $5 for Chibis/Derps (Bottom lineup)
  • $2 for a simple messy sketch
  • Want something bigger? Like This or This? Bribe Me.

I’ll take as many as I can. WoW-Related, MMO-Related or other OC’s!

Contact me either through Tumblr Asks/Fanmail/Submit, or at clockworkArachnid@hotmail.com

If you don’t want art and would just like to donate, my paypal is DJRaiinbow@hotmail.com

Can’t do either? Reblog if ya can!

I will attempt any/all species, but please be aware that I’m not as practiced with Pandaren or Tauren, and I’m still a bit wonky with orcs and trolls!

I am also offering Emotion-based sketches as a Pay-What-You-Want!