things I /really/ need in my life is Tev showing his affections for Ro and Feiyn in ways other people wouldn’t understand

Tev wiping blood that was splattered across Ro’s face away gently, Tev taking bottle of booze away from Feiyn when she’s sad

I think a lot of people get confused about how Tev actually is, and it’s so heartbreaking because Ro and Feiyn can SEE that Tev loves them, but Tev himself just

doesn’t process emotions well, they confuse him, he can’t speak honestly about how he feels cause how does he feel? Ro and Feiyn flop on him and smother him in affection and love

and they snuggle in dogpiles and it’s sickly sweet and really, no one else knows that side of him but them

It’s hella true though. Most of the ways Tev shows affection are subconscious.