Alright folks!

As I’ve mentioned, I recently had some rather expensive computer troubles to deal with and it’s left me a bit… poor. Due to certain circumstances it’s kind of pressing that I make that money back as quickly as possible, SO that’s where you lovely people come in~

I’ll be offering these special prices and options for however long it takes me to meet my current goal of $400. That will allow me to start restoring what came out of my savings for computer repair, as well as cover other living expenses for the time being.

What I’m offering:

  • Flat-fee $25 sketches
    waist-up, single character, monochrome color-wash. Either you give me a color scheme you want me to use, or I’ll use my best judgement based on the character’s looks. (Because these are all the same flat fee, be aware that the level of detail may vary based on how complex the character is.)
  • All other commission options at a 15% discount
    The discount will come out of the final quoted price (ie, the “starting price” plus any added cost for props, pets, armor, etc.), and applies to everything from sketched busts all the way down to full-body illustrations.

So if you’re interested, feel free to write me here, shoot me an email at, or get in touch with me on skype as eryn.amanda!

If you can’t buy, a signal boost is always greatly appreciated!