i should get the fuck over myself

i do not want to do stuff or stop doing stuff just to please others but i keep forgetting about it and getting distressed anyway

there’s nothing wrong with me drawing porn of my characters, it doesn’t mean that’s all that’s going on IC-wise, it just means that’s something i like to draw. i enjoy not having to bother with clothes/armor and also let’s be honest, i like sex, it’s a bonding experience for me like

i should stop being a big baby

You’re not a baby Tilly, we should all be allowed to draw what we want and whoever doesn’t like it can make use of both the tumblr savior (literally everyone I know tags nsfw) and the unfollow features.

If someone’s gonna complain instead of do something about it (because yes, telling people they’re sick for posting art of THEIR OWN CHARACTERS with other people characters, WHOM HAVE CONSENTED!!! is emotional fucking manipulation) can get the fuck over it.

I have no fucking remorse for pissbabies who can’t remove themselves from a situation that doesn’t even involve them.

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