There’s not a lot I know about Ro, still, and I know even less about WoW lore so I’m scared to make a RP character, but that doesn’t stop the INCREDIBLE OVERWHELMING URGE to draw him getting covered with the gentlest of smooches from one of my toons because of all the sad feels recently.


d’awww you can draw him if ya want!

I’ve kinda been channeling my own sads into my art SOOOOO I don’t usually vent art but man have I been doing a lot of it unconsciously… LOL

If anon was talking about the stuff with Tev and Ro it’s actually a lot better than it looks! Tev is not good with empathy at all so him trying to comfort Ro in any sort of manner is a reason to throw a party (Feiyn is already out purchasing the alcohol, I’m sure) 

Tevruden and Ro’liath were pretty much boyfriends before, this just makes it official.

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