No, he didn’t want to cry in front of Roland! He didn’t even know him! And he would judge him, think him weak—this man had been the Rajnish? An emotionally unstable idiot who couldn’t even keep himself together in front of a complete stranger?

But the tears wouldn’t stop….

He jerked when that hot tongue licked his cheeks, lips velvety soft on his skin. Red-rimmed blue eyes opened to stare uncomprehending at Roland.

Why are you doing this? Jael wanted to ask, but when he opened his mouth to speak, another sob escaped. Would this ever end? He was past regaining control of himself—the werewolf had Jael right where he wanted him.

But it wasn’t worth the struggle to wrench himself free, not with Roland’s body wrapped around him like a blanket with a furnace at its core. Like the comforting touch of Jael’s fire.

Have I really given up so easily?

sketch thing. roland belongs to icyvveins