I don’t know about other peoples’ characters, but walking a leashed cat through a puddle would be easier than getting Oliver to wear something other than his armor, ahaha. I think I can count on my fingers alone how many times he’s worn plain clothes in my time RPing him. Not only is his armor enchanted to subdue his smell, but he likes the weight of it on his body. A stab to the gut can’t kill him but he still feels more comfortable and less naked without it, and since he doesn’t need to sleep the only times it ever comes off are when he’s forced to bathe.

But nah I don’t think they have any sort of exclusive uniform or shared fashion though the Scourge actively discouraged the use of pastels. They’re not incredibly unified, especially these days, and have mostly scattered to their respective factions and races except for the times that they need to return to Acherus for maintenance or to simply be around people like them. There might be a few who linger in a completely neutral place that’s loyal only to Acherus and don’t associate with either faction, but unless they have some volunteer zombie designers offering up their work the Ebon Blade strikes me as more of a function-over-fashion sort of organization, assuming you could get them out of their armor at all.

So for those who do go casual, it’s probably with the regular fashion of their race/faction, and possibly a little conservative in how much shows depending on how they feel about their dead bodies.

DKs in any kind of casual situation fill me with joy, though. The dissonance is beautiful.

Tev has two sets of clothes: Armor and formal armor. The formal amor is only for when he’s force to attend any sort of event, and even then its extremely difficult to get him to wear it. He regularly changes out what’s under the armor (no point in taking a bath regularly if he didn’t) but he has absolutely no casual clothes.