Said it twice, and I’ll say it a third time: it’s not an artist’s audience’s job to promote their art for them. If you’re struggling to get recognition (if recognition/business is important to you), then the onus is on you as a creator to make more appealing content or promote yourself.

Somebody ‘liking’ your art instead of reblogging it isn’t somehow less supportive. People can curate their blogs however they want. How entitled do you have to be? Is some teenager on the internet reposting your art to their blog really going to make or break your confidence as an artist? Because that doesn’t bode well for a professional future (and if it’s just a hobby, then why does it matter? Don’t base your joy for something in how many people see it; I’ve been there, and it’s a very emotionally damaging attitude to have).

If you have to beg and plead for people to promote you, then you’re doing something wrong, not the people who aren’t sharing your work. Silence is just as valid of a feedback form as commentary sometimes.