staff please make it so that other users cannot modify your posts.

This would help stop the spread of misinformation, types of slander, and from artist’s comments on original work from being removed by other users who reblog it. It’d be necessary to make it so that someone trying to edit their own post to look like another user posted it was impossible as well.

I shouldn’t even have to ask this, this shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever actually.

It would also stop people from correcting posts that are misleading to begin with.

That’s a thing.

It wouldn’t stop people from reblogging a post and adding their correction. It would stop people from doing what I just did.

Given the way that text post editor works, It would totally do that.

I don’t think it would stop someone from reblogging and then writing their own post like what we are doing, but it’s possible! It’s just very unfortunate that a lot of artists’ comments can be easily removed off their own posts, or that entire text posts can be completely modified by other users. I remember too (this was a while back) when Andrew Hussie made a tumblr account, peope could use their URL to make their own posts and when reblogged, it looked like it had been posted from his tumblr. Weird stuff!

The post editor is really just a bunch of bytes and its associated styling information. There’s really no way to easily tell what’s your post and what’s mine. Theoretically the server could go back and compare the post to the saved text of the parent post, but this barfs when the parent post edits the text and as either requires every version of a post’s text be saved, (because there might be multiple edits and multiple replies)  or for it to error out when posting.

And yeah it’s really shitty that people can do that. I don’t have a good soluton for text posts but what would be really nice is for photo posts to have their own description field that’s set by the author. Then we could have the actual comments in this text field and we wouldn’t have to overload the tags field with irrelevant tags.

EDIT: Fun fact: Excessive numbers of replies don’t just make your dashboard hell to scroll through, they also crash the tumblr mobile client!

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