UHHH well…. basically Feiyn was taking Tev back to her house because she was probably gonna go drink and unwind with him and mogu sort of did the ambushing thing. I imagine they managed to escape mostly unharmed (Tev doesn’t count because I’m pretty sure he just healed himself back by glorious murder) and they’re just sort of standing here in these overgrown ruins and Feiyn is standing there with her gun in her hands and just sort of relaxes and looks over at Tev, panting hard and grinning and Tev just is smeared with blood and finishing off any still-surviving mogu and I’m pretty sure it goes along the lines of Feiyn flipping on her gun’s safety and just kinda setting her pack aside and putting her gun with it and she just kind of storms right up to Tev and he opens his mouth to speak to her and she pretty much rudely interrupts by shoving her tongue in his mouth and then Tev probably just pins her against one of the crumbling stone walls and fucks the hell out of her.

the end.

(special thanks to barkentin, because I had no idea how their first thing would even happen)