Here is my attempt to clean up this whole mess with Triple Torch.

Guess what? He reblocked me.

What are you going to do Internet Police?


Think you’re a sociopath, that’s what I’m going to do.

This message is terrifying.  You are terrifying.

Please leave this poor person alone.

That atmos dude is a real piece of work. Disgusting.

Wow, elementalatmos is actual human trash, and they think that graphic somehow vindicates them.

What a wretchedly horrible person; I’m actually glad this is all biting them hard in the ass, it’s pretty clear it’s deserved!

Now I definitely don’t regret commissioning that artist.

Wow. What an actual piece of entitled shit.

Seriously. Reading that is amazing. That is the funniest ultimatum I have seen. Not to mention the line where he thinks he’s going to save them from all of the smut they’re drawing. 

what a piece of work.