look enough of this ‘typical vampire falls for human and stops drinking blood for them’ nonsense okay. give me better vampire stories

  • vampires whose thirst is tied to love; the eternal, insufferable, agonising burning in the back of their throat only ever cured by the blood pumping in the veins of their lovers, the impossible choice between quenching their thirst and keeping their love alive. 
  • vampires whose only masters are their human lovers; the sweet tang of blood hiding just underneath fragile human skin turning them to their lovers will, building a mountain of corpses from atop which their lover lords.
  • vampires whose lovers are their life source; who hide in plain sight, the charming carer of an ever-anaemic spouse, whose lips drip red with their lover’s wilfully given blood, living symbiotically on stolen time until veins run dry or old age wins and they are alone.

better yet, give me stories about vampires without humans

  • vampires who have loved and will love each other forever; made of the same master, born into darkness together and finding light in one another, fights that last centuries and gift of the blood of noble lords and celebrities as their anniversaries become centenaries. 
  • vampires who were made too far apart; a daughter of the industrial revolution loving the son of globalisation, pink haired millennials with ironic fake fangs falling for an ancient priestess of pagan times long gone, the children of the old world finding love with the new.
  • vampires who love differently after they’ve turned; the feelings are harsher, stronger, burn their ribs and send electricity down their spines, an agony only eased when they’re together, cupping blood in cold palms and watching the curve of their lover’s neck as they bend to drink.

just give me new vampire stories. vampires that work in different ways, who are still the things of nightmares, but not for the same reason, not in the same way.