If whatever you create is dear to you, it does not matter what other people think about it. Like, literally, it does not. The opinions of others do not dictate its worth and importance, nor do they define the merit of what you create. No one on this website, not even the greatest of writers or artists or creative thinkers, have the qualifications or title to tell you that what you create isn’t worthwhile doing or sharing. This site is full of opinions: thoughts and feelings that only hold truth for the person thinking them. But they do not have to hold truth for you.

Approval is important to us as creative thinkers. And as numerous as the positive, cheering, supportive voices may be, that one or the few voices of  negativity can seem to have more weight and truth. But it -we- who give them that truth. It’s we who decide that the one anonymous voice of criticism is more important than the many of praise and admiration. I know it is not so easy to just ignore the negativity, and the solution to strengthening ones’ sense of self worth can be very difficult and more complex. But if you start with putting this in perspective and using it as a mantra to remind yourself, I promise it will help.

You have to find the balance of seeking approval and validation with finding worth and value inside yourself. It is hard, and everyone’s journey to doing so is different. But if you try, it will lead you to much more healthy and self-sustaining confidence and joy.