I am now open for commissions! I was thinking about it for too long and I am really nervous ;w;

   I will draw original characters, fan arts, nudity. I won’t draw furry/anthro, explicit nsfw, highly detailed backgrounds, realistic animals, hate art, fan arts with characters way too much out of canon. 

   If I don’t know the fandom I wil need a good references of the characters. Same goes for the original characters, if you don’t have a reference write good information about them. Commissioned art is for personal use only, may be used as gift for other person. If you have date due you want your picture to be finished please write about it. If I am uncomfortable with commission I can decline it.  

   If I accept your commission I will make sketch and show it to you, if you’re okay with it I continue on your commission and show finished picture with watermarks. After I receive payment you will get commission without watermarks. 

   I will start with 5 slots! I will make status post on my blog in commission info page, there you will see how far I’ve gotten with your commission. 

   Payment through paypal only.

   If you are interested or have questions:

– contact me here on tumblr

– note me on deviantart

;w; <3