OKAY MY FRIENDS IT IS TIME. I’m going to be opening exclusively portrait and bust commissions today! This is to put myself back into a working groove and also because I need quicker money, but I will eventually head back into full-body territory.

Prices are as follows (USD): 

                                                Portrait (head only)

                                            $10 (black/white sketch)

                                               $15 (colored sketch)

                                       $20 (clean colored / clean lines)

                                                Bust (to mid-chest)

                                            $15 (black/white sketch)

                                              $25 (colored sketch)

                                       $30 (clean colored / clean lines)

Prices for busts are assuming that I will be drawing a lot of Warcraft characters with elaborate shoulder armor. If you want something more simple, we can negotiate a lower price (probably more like 20/25 for sketch/clean with colors). Detached props like a small pet sitting on a shoulder are an extra $5.

I will do characters for media other than Warcraft (OCs, fan characters, anthro, canon characters, whatever you want). I don’t mind drawing gory character designs.

Please send me an email if you’re interested, at! If you just have a question you can send an ask or fanmail, but I will need all references sent to my email for organization (and also because asks and fanmails are completely unreliable).

I accept only paypal, and take payment up front.

3/5 slots have been claimed. Anybody beyond the 5th slot will be put into queue… which is basically just a slot without insurance.

Here is my art blog for examples of my work.