ugh this will be hard. I’ll go unusual for Deaders

1. He loves eating, and eats regularly even though he doesn’t need to. He doesn’t necessarily feel hunger of course, but it’s more habit+mouth feel that he enjoys. Plus now he can gorge without worry of gaining weight

2. Active sex drive. Now, we’ve all heard the “rolls eyes at the dks who have sex” arguments or w/e… but I don’t care. I created Ro with the mentality of “how many people will want to bone him” and apparently a lot. I’m not complaining though

3. Extreme flexibility despite his large size and undead body. I realize realistically speaking that all of his limberness probably would have gone away after a few years of being undead, but I like the thought that his training as an acrobat carried even into his undeath. Plus, it makes for a good IC conversation piece when you can bend in half backwards!

4. He’s hairy. Now, this one wasn’t really unusual to me but after yesterday with how many messages and comments I got about Ro’s hairiness it kinda dawned on me. Most elves aren’t hairy, there are a few that are, but they’re not in the majority. I like that Ro challenges a lot of elf stereotypes though, I think it makes him more interesting as a character as well as visually

5. Affinity for animals. You’d think that animals would run the opposite direction of a walking zombie, but surprisingly all animals to come into contact with Ro’liath have loved him! Maybe they can sense past his undead killing machine aura and see that he is really just a guy who like cats and chocolate and sleeping all day