High Elves (and Blood Elves – they’re practically the same race in terms of biology) are literally ‘Aryans’. High Elves are white with blue eyes and usually blonde. Blood Elves get a slightly darker skin tone since they ingested fel magic. The darkest Skin Tone you’re going to get for Blood Elves are Feblood Elven skintones.
Also, Night Elves descended from Trolls (Dark Trolls and the like). Those guys had weird skin anyways. Sure, if you want your elf to have dark skin, I don’t care but lmao. The reason why there’s no dark-skinned High/Blood Elf is because the Elves are practically ‘Aryans’ in terms of physical traits.
A dark-skinned Blood Elf is going to be as rare as a pale-skinned Mag’har orc. (Mag’hars are the Orcs that didn’t chug down demon blood, by the way.)
All-in-all, the High/Blood Elves have pale skin, not because of the climate or weather, but because of the Sunwell. They lost the last remaining traits from trolls (which are the purple skin tones and shit) and resembled humans but with long ears. Ta-da.

Look at all this text you are using to justify your shitty racisim.