High Elves (and Blood Elves – they’re practically the same race in terms of biology) are literally ‘Aryans’. High Elves are white with blue eyes and usually blonde. Blood Elves get a slightly darker skin tone since they ingested fel magic. The darkest Skin Tone you’re going to get for Blood Elves are Feblood Elven skintones.
Also, Night Elves descended from Trolls (Dark Trolls and the like). Those guys had weird skin anyways. Sure, if you want your elf to have dark skin, I don’t care but lmao. The reason why there’s no dark-skinned High/Blood Elf is because the Elves are practically ‘Aryans’ in terms of physical traits.
A dark-skinned Blood Elf is going to be as rare as a pale-skinned Mag’har orc. (Mag’hars are the Orcs that didn’t chug down demon blood, by the way.)
All-in-all, the High/Blood Elves have pale skin, not because of the climate or weather, but because of the Sunwell. They lost the last remaining traits from trolls (which are the purple skin tones and shit) and resembled humans but with long ears. Ta-da.

Look at all this text you are using to justify your shitty racisim.

i had to make myself another cup of coffee just to have something to sip on while reading this bullshit :’)

wow throwing the made up ‘Aryan’ race in there sure is cool too.

High Elves (and Blood Elves – they’re practically the same race in terms of biology) are literally ‘Aryans’.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means, surge991 .

Also uh there’s literally nothing in the lore that says blood elves can’t have dark skin. Your explanation is opinionated at best.

I could also pull the ‘There’s no black Blood Elves’ card. But nah. Unless your Blood Elf was with Kael’thas in Outland (Hellfire Peninsula will pretty much guarantee that you won’t be pale as marble.), Stayed in Tanaris/Barrens for an extended period or time or perhaps the Badlands in EK, there’s a fairly small chance that a Blood Elf will have a skin tone that dark. High Elves are known to be pretty pale in terms of skin tone. They also have blonde hair. They also settled in a region that’s in perpetual summer/fall. (It was in perpetual spring in pre Scourge Invasion.)

I mean, do what you want. I’m just saying that Elves with Dark Skin are pretty rare. The darkest skin tone that’s visible in-game for Blood Elves are Felblood Elves and those guys chugged down demon blood. Half-elves could have darker skin as well, since there’s dark-skinned humans.

Also, if I may say. Rare =/= Nonexistent.

Yeah ok you just keep trying to explain your racism in a setting where literally everything is made up