!!! i’m so flattered you want to know! hokay lessee if i can keep this short lol

So the first vampires in my OU were Elven magi, nine total who chose to become undead for varied personal reasons. The very first of them,
Dvijesh Mageda, wanted it for the power and prestige he’d been denied
while alive—specifically he was rejected for the only chance at a position he’d worked his entire life for. And Jael’s mother, Bra’em, had been the one to make that decision.

Several millennia later, after the nine had left Acchindrazj to become vampires, Antaeus embarked on a long journey to the northeast to find one of his lost sisters, with Jael at his side. In addition to being the young Avisa’s protector, Jael had heard that there was hidden knowledge to be found along the way.

Maybe you can see where this is going xD Jael was lured away to what he thought was an ancient Hylarnn tomb; he found Dvijesh and the other vampires instead.

Dvijesh Turned Jael against his will and made him his slave. It was basically Dvijesh’s final “fuck you” to Bra’em—she took away his lifelong dream, so he took away her son. 8)

(part of Jael’s Turning can be read here if you want to know more details!)