Masterful. Just masterful.

It is crazy to me that people fight so hard to justify their arguments against these kinds of things. I can maybe excuse someone if they don’t realize the lack of diversity among Blizz’s models is not due to lore but exclusion, but to continue to throw out these weak arguments like “People of color can’t possibly come from northern areas” IN A FANTASY SETTING is just…so ignorant.

Again. Diversity does not have to be justified. It can just be. And if you argue against it then you really need to reflect on the fact you are prejudice.

There are so many holes in that justification and a clear lack of knowledge on human evolutionary and migratory patterns. Not every race has to have a dark skin option, the blood elves are white. But then again you people won’t let anyone with white skin have anything for themselves.

Oh man the old “Giving other people options automatically takes everything away from white people” argument.

And I though the person I originally made this post about was a shitty racist.