This is the person that many of you believed ‘Markiplier’ sexually harassed. Instead of the other way around.


She was still calling Mark ‘Inspirational’ on August 19th 2014. The ‘alleged snapchat scandal’ happened in 2013.

She has been trying to defame mark for over a week now (before Jan 18th, 2015) for not tagging videos the way she wanted. An entirely different reason than now. Only NOW suddenly there’s a ‘scandal’ involving her and Mark.

– She says “Your precious Markiplier isn’t perfect and he’s still gonna slip up

-Apparently she has a long history of sexually idolizing youtube stars. Including married men with a wife and kids.

-The snapchats she provided as evidence were fake. The only one that was real was showing Mark’s relief that no one had sent him any lewd images, because he was afraid he would be targeted again.


Stop supporting what was clearly a premeditated plan to defame Mark.

She had a grudge against him for ignoring her demands to have his videos tagged the way she wanted. So she set him up.

The one who needs to be held accountable is her. ragingfeminist. She took advantage of his kindness to harass him and ruin his reputation.

What she did to him was absolutely disgusting. Mark didn’t want to see them, he made that pretty clear. He said he responded to her a few times; but that doesn’t translate to him giving her the consent to send those pictures. More likely it was him telling her to stop, which he probably did way more than once.

And stop telling her that what she did is acceptable because of her gender.

You’re enabling her to eventually do this to someone else.