My bank account went in the red, it’s got four days before another fee slapped on it and I don’t get my paycheck for another six roughly. Even then, I’ve got bills to pay and I’m going to be short the next two weeks trying to pull everything together.

This isn’t necessarily an emergency, just a minor setback. Due to this, I’ll be opening sketch commissions like the ones above!

They’ll be going at $10 USD per character, bust only. An extra +5$ for any additional characters (limit two people per order)

I’m going to keep these open for the next few weeks.

OC’s Fan characters, MMORPG, whatever is okay. Anything non humanoid is not. WORGEN, MECHARI AND PANDAREN ARE THE ONLY EXCEPTION.

If interested please send references (images preferred, written okay, text walls need to be condensed) to with the subject title: RE; Rush Commissions (Your Username/Alias)

Thank you!