(Snipped for length)

Why are you all complaining.

Like, for real. If you don’t enjoy Ashran as a zone, don’t. But don’t get your panties in a bundle because Blizzard is trying to fix it for the people who DO legitimately want to enjoy it. They will fix the imbalance too, if you guys make suggestions POLITELY.

There’s actually a very simple reason that people are complaining:


200 conquest adds up quick.

Then literally all they would have to do is yolo RBG to 1800.

That raises the cap past the Ashran bonus, takes like a week, and the 3 rbg wins a week can get you random conquest gear and look! Now you’re more geared than people who DID the Ashran bonus.

People that yolo up to 1800 and do Ashran now have both, and we’re back at we started.