Trying to finish up things I’ve left half-finished for months >.>;;; Kapira, my Resto Shaman.

The moment I saw the free-for-use base artofcarmen made for lady Trolls, I knew I just had to have a go! I had actually already started drawing up the re-imagined design for Kappy’s transmog (sketch pictured), so that post was also extremely well-timed 8D I included my in-game model turnaround for the sake of comparison, to show where the design came from.  (And yay, now I’m leveling her I can finally get the pieces from Heroic Dragon Soul >.> )

I kinda want to do ones for my other two Troll girls too, even though they’re not really mains of mine (and are generally kinda abandoned). But I guess I’ll focus on turnarounds of actual mains first 😛 Though this poor girl has kind of been neglected since our current raid group is Alliance.