So, since I wanna play belf-party too (at least, when not busy ;3; and who doesn’t want an excuse to draw belf porn or just others for lols in general because I uh… need belf friends because I’m that weirdo that draws them but doesn’t talk to anyone much outside of a few friends lol), and I’ve already poked sketchys and icyvveins would any of you guys mind terribly if I doodled your purty dudes?

lobstmourne tevruden bedazzledin and… who else was involved? There were a lot of people… I feel like I’m missing people in these tags. :I

s-intent doesn’t count, I abuse Jakkin and Rieth all the time. >:D lolol

*heavy breathing* one of us…one of us…one of us…

You guys are going to have to buy a house in Pornshire.

aw hell yee BELF PARTY

we are not buying any houses. WE’RE BUYING THE ENTIRETY OF STORMWIND.

Yeah jeez, blood elves go hard or go home.