A quick comic. I’ve been those three types, but also based on my experiences AS a raid healer for a lot of expansions.There are of course MANY more types of healers, but these seem to be the three I come across/experienced the most in this order.

  1. You go in fresh and happy, yeah let’s do this!

  2. Then everyone starts standing in fire. Hunters disengage into lava. Your tank has D/C’d and isn’t taunting. You begin to crack slightly, put music on to make you happy, anything…

  3. Then you’re done. You’re so done with all of this. You have another two hours of this horseshit left to go with idiots who can’t seem to tell their butt from their brain today. Fuck it all. FUCK IT ALL.

(Time and experience has ground me down to being forever stuck at number 3.)