I’m to lazy too write the dialogue so I’ll just explain

Long story short – years ago, during the Northrend campaign, Cel, being a newcomer in the Crusade, was assigned to a small group of soldiers sent out to find a missing caravan. Most members of the group were pretty unexperienced and kinda new there, but they didn’t have anyone else to send. 

Unfortunately for them, Roteye, of all people, was one of the commanding officers and went with them, much to his annoyance. A few recruits, at best, saw death knights once, maybe twice, but most didn’t, and all they knew were stories and rumors. Of the “grass is green, the sky is blue and DKs are scary” variety, and that didn’t help the whole “they were our enemies just recently” thing. His back then very antisocial behavior just made it worse. 

As days passed and they had to work under his command, some of them did grow curious and tried to approach him a few times – with results varying from “bad” to “awful”. This time Cel was the one who was forced to (like seriously, “let’s draw straws and the loser goes to talk to him” forced) go and ask him something about the horses, but because of her being quite talkative, and even more so when she’s nervous, the question turned into her mumbling something about “him maybe joining the rest of the group near the fire because it’s cold here and that’s not healthy and maybe he needs something to eat etc.”, which, of course, immediately set him off and his response was basically “shut up and get lost or I’ll throw you in the fire”. Minus the swear words. 

So yeah I had to doodle that.