You know what I think happened is

I think I had so much fun leveling in WoD and doing all the zones and searching for all the treasure and building up my garrison that the moment all of that was done and it was just garrison dailies and gearing I lost interest. I shouldn’t have rushed or something, I don’t know. Half the time I felt like if I didn’t make my play time count while I could actually get on the server I’d be wasting it.

How they can fix this: give me a little house on my garrison that I can build up and customize and let me dye my armor new colours. Let me work to achieve these things. Please. Fucking. Please.

The only thing I did was rush to 100. I’ve been super casual about everything else, and really the only solo content I have left to do is the garrison campaign and grinding up rep. 

I can’t help but think there was more solo content in MOP at the time, or at least the pacing seemed a bit better.