Step 1: Know what content is okay or not okay. 


Step 2: Screencap the offending blog in question.


It’s 2015. That shit right there? Not okay. It hasn’t been ok for decades. You know better. 

Step 3:


Go to

Fill out the forms. Hit next. Sometimes it will pop up a window to ask you if your question is better handled somewhere else. Scroll down and hit submit it anyway. 

I am done with troll blogs. I am one hundred percent done with shitty people acting like they get a say in what makes me happy at the end of the day. I am done with terrible people saying crap like if you’re not a good artist just stop trying. I’ve blocked them but it keeps coming up on my dash. Get out.

Nothing in that post



Implies that I hate anyone of any specific race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation.  There are multiple songs where people of the same race use the same hatespeech about their own race.  Sometimes it’s the basis of the entire FUCKING song.

Are you the one dictating my thoughs?  Unless you’re the government in 3535, no, you’re fucking not.  You obviously don’t understand context clues, and need to go back to the fucking first grade for a class on reading comprehension.

Literally, go fuck yourself,

The Author


n***** is a racial slur.

Just because it is used in the black community and has been reclaimed by black people does not erase the historical context of the word. Words have meanings. And that slur was based around slavery and the idea that black people are animals. Just because black artists have reclaimed that word does not make it a-ok for everyone else to use it.

Please keep getting angry at being called out on using a racial slur casually. it’s 2015. Grow up. 

Someone is certainly crying a lot because they got called out on their racist shit.