Disclaimer: YOU ASKED FOR IT.

Tevruden had chosen this spot for a reason. Every time they had sparred over the past couple of weeks, Ro’liath had been unhooking the straps on Tevruden’s armor. At first, Tevruden thought it was just to disrupt the flow of magic through his armor, but given the conversation they had during the last match, it seemed like Ro had other ideas about how they should be fighting.

Getting Ro’liath’s left gauntlet off was easy. He only managed to lose one of his legplates for that. The right one was a little bit more difficult. The real skill had come in getting the other death knight to slam both of them into the cabinet where he had kept the saronite shackles he had ‘borrowed’ from Feiyn (She wouldn’t miss them right now anyway, he had just recently thwarted one of her attempts to get them on him about half-way through.) Tevruden had chosen this spot for a reason.

Using the brief amount of confusion after they landed in the shattered remains of the cabinet, Tevruden slipped the shackles on to his sparring partner. They made disarming Ro’liath altogether easy.

With his opponent disabled, he set into motion the rest of his plan. Tevruden leaned in close, and whispered as he staeted removing the rest of Ro’liath’s armor. “You may have started this Ro’liath, but I am going to finish it.”


Tevruden had been ready for this. Feiyn had had the foresight to make two pairs of shackles, and he had the second pair already in hand. Wordlessly, Tevruden tackles the other death knight attempting to knock him over and attach the shackles to Ro’laith’s legs.

“Woah—” Ro’liath barely has anytime to react. Tevruden of course, is a big guy. A heavy guy. The force of his tackle is enough to knock the wind out of Ro. He squirms under Tev but it’s all for naught and his legs are shackled in suit.

“Okay…..well…. We’ll call it a draw, how about that?” Ro’liath grins sheepishly, staring down the length of his own body towards the other.

Tevruden straddles his sparring partner “A draw? You were so intent on ‘claming your prize’ when you managed to loosen my armor and stuck your gauntlet down my pants the last time we fought. You’d still be getting the same thing now. " He laughs. “But if you’ve decided you don’t really want that I can end this now and unchain you.”