❤ : Where on their body is your muse most sensitive?
✿ : Has your muse ever had sex before?
☜ : Does your muse like to top?
☞ : Does your muse like to bottom?
∀ : Your muse’s favorite position?
☺ : How often does your muse masturbate?
☂ : How long does it take your muse to hit climax, usually?
✌ : Is your muse good with their hands?
♡ : Does your muse have any birthmarks or scars they get embarrassed about others seeing?
Á : Is your muse loud in bed?
⚔ : Does your muse have any specific kinks?
☯ : If you’re comfortable with it, write a drabble about our muses doing something naughty. If not, put a strikethrough across this one in your reblog (or simply don’t do it; your blog, your rules ;3).
☌ : Would/does your muse have any special piercings anywhere? Would they get some?
♥ : Does your muse like to cuddle after sex? Anything else for aftercare?