but 4 of our best DPS in Highmaul are women! (Mythic Imperator)

Problem with “DPS” meters is they reflect to the highest DPS. Which is great and all but you’ll stay at the top even if you die. 

Now if that was “Damage Done” meters, I would clap and applaud for the screenshot. Because those forever change in the fight, especially when it comes to the adds and Cho’gall on Mythic. 

There’s also an issue with Mythic Imperator where there is a TON of adds. Just because you pad meters doesn’t essentially mean you’re amazing, because anyone with gear can do that. 

Overall, meters don’t matter unless the boss is dead. If it is, great. But I really don’t like people who flash meters around. It’s unappealing in the nicest of terms, and just something for people to gloat about.

the DPS itself wasn’t the point of this post… Rather, i’m showing female DPS can hit their buttons just as hard as any shitty gamerbro who likes to crack jokes about women only being able to heal 

In our raid, we’re often the highest damage dealers as well…

also it may interest you to know every boss in HM has multiple targets where DPS have the opportunity to cleave and aoe, so yeah, imperator isn’t special in that regard. 

don’t worry I’ll be sure to screenshot the Damage Done next time so you can clap and applaud for me 😛

lol did you even see those tags:

#I don’t want to sound like an asshole#but I hate people who link only dps meters#damage done meters are what counts#family friend works at Blizzard HQ in California and facepalms whenever he sees people link DPS meters#cause they dps meters dont count#damage done does#oh well#World of Warcraft

Ahh yes, my friend that works at blizzard.

Nobody cares where your friend works at, dude.